Our API exposes the entire GloBee infrastructure via a standardized programmatic interface. Using the API, you can do almost everything you can do on the customer panel.


GloBee is a cryptocurrency payment processor. What that means, is if you want to sell things on your website, or invoice people and get paid in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Decred and more, then you can use GloBee to handle the payment process, and then settle successful payments to your private Bitcoin or Monero Wallet, or to your bank account for settlement in fiat currency.


  • E-Commerce Websites.

  • Website owners who want to accept cryptocurrency donations.

  • Anyone wanting to invoice customers and clients using our invoicing tools.


To use GloBee to accept payments from your website, you can either use one of our many plugins in collaboration with your site software, such as WordPress, WooCommernce or Shopify for example, or you can use our API to integrate directly with your website. To use the API as integration option, some programming experience would be advantageous.


For a list of available plugins, and installation instructions, please see our PLUGINS page.


To programmatically interact with the GloBee system, you can use one of our API's.


GloBee provides a test system that allows merchants and developers to interact with a GloBee clone that runs with testnet wallets.

We provide you the possibility to see how our system works without risking real funds. For this purpose we've setup an exact clone of our live system that runs testnet wallets for all GloBee supported cryptocurrencies. Our test system looks and works exactly the same as our live system, just with the difference that everything happens on testnets.

Pay Invoices with Testnet Coins

Our payment interstitial will offer all cryptocurrencies that GloBee supports as payment option. This saves fees and allows easy testing without the need to spend your precious mainnet coins.

Settlement in Bitcoin or Monero

Our testnet system allows settlements to Testnet Bitcoin or Testnet Monero addresses.

Plan Upgrades

You are able to change to higher subscription tiers and can pay our service with testnet coins. This allows you to experience the advantages of a higher priced subscription plan.

Custom Implementations

If you use a custom implementation to access our API and you want to use the testnet system all you have to change is the API URL from to Don't forget to register a separate merchant account and setup your settlement settings for our test system.


To use this system you need to register a new merchant account. You're not able to login to our test system with your same login credentials from our live system. You must create a new account exclusively for our test system.

This Testnet system has the following differences to our live system:

  • Testnet wallets instead of Mainnet wallets
  • Settlements on Testnet

Why should i use this Testnet system?

  • Easy check if your implementation works without risking real funds.
  • Simple to use