A Quick Guide To Get You Started.
If you are on any of GloBee's paid packages, you will receive an invoice from GloBee which you are able to settle in the same way as your customers, using any of the cryptocurrencies offered by GloBee. Your invoice will be automatically paid through deductions from your online trade through GloBee.
The first step after registering, is choosing the particular cryptocurrencies you'd like to be visible to your customers, as well as the ratios of settlement you'd like to be paid out in by GloBee. GloBee gives you the option to choose between Bitcoin, Monero and your local fiat currency through BitPay. You may select different ratios of each of the three options, or 100% payout of a single option. Once you've selected your settlement choice, you will need to choose one of the GloBee plugins or follow the guide on integrating with your custom deployment.
GloBee continuously adds plugins that are compatible versions of BitPay e-commerce plugins. This allows BitPay customers to expand the number the cryptocurrencies they can offer on their website through GloBee. Installing plugins for the most popular open-source eCommerce solutions is very simple. Go to the GloBee plugins section and download the plugin which is currently being used by your store. If you do not see the needed plugin please contact our support team and request it.
Your dashboard will show you all unpaid invoices which are owed to you, transactions which are currently being processed by GloBee and the total which you've traded on the GloBee network. You have quick access to your cryptocurrency ledgers. All fiat payouts are processed through BitPay, and those records will be available on BitPay's website.
All your transaction data can be checked under the Transactions menu. Here you have access to each individual transaction between your site and the GloBee network. The settlement submenu will display statistics of each cryptocurrency used on your site.
GloBee allows you to generate invoices to be sent to any of your clients and allows them to settle the invoice using the selected range of cryptocurrencies you've specified. Once an invoice has been created, you can find all settled and outstanding invoices under the Invoice History menu.

The GloBee console gives you access to all your specific merchant details and tools. Everything from your API keys needed for configuration, to the selection of cryptocurrencies you wish to accept.

Basic user and merchant details are editable from the Account menu, as well as changing your password.

The Accepted Crypto menu allows you to change the cryptocurrencies which your merchant store accepts at any time. Following this, you can adjust the ratio of settlement between Bitcoin, Monero or fiat currency in any ratio you like adding up to 100%.

Order Settings allows you to change your risk profile related to confirmations on the blockchain of the relevant cryptocurrencies you accept. High Risk means payments will be confirmed immediately once payment is received on the relevant network. Medium Risk means payments will only be confirmed after 1 confirmation on the relevant network. Low Risk means the relevant coin's confirmation standard will be applied, such as in Bitcoin, which requires 6 confirmations to assure security, and Monero which requires 18 confirmations. Therefore your risk profile becomes a factor of time, with the lowest risk profile usually results in transactions taking approximately one hour to confirm.

The membership menu gives you access to your billing and plan settings. These can be changed at any time. If you decide to upgrade your plan during the month, you will only be charged a pro-rata for the remaining time left in the month.