Integration Plugin for osCommerce

Integrate GloBee and osCommerce

In order to integrate GloBee with your Open Cart based e-commerce site, please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support.

2) Installing the plugin

  1. Download the latest plugin.
  2. Open your website dashboard and navigate to Modules > Payment.
  3. Extract the zip file on your server and copy the `globee` directory and the `globee_callback.php` file to the root of your website directory.
  4. Copy the `includes` directory to the same relevant location as the directory structure suggests.
  5. Find the GloBee Extension and click "Install".

3) Connecting GloBee and osCommerce

  1. Sign in to GloBee on a different browser tab and navigate to "API -> Payment API".
  2. (Optional): If you do not want to use the 'Default' key, you can create a new key.
    • Click the "Create New Key" button.
    • Complete the Label Field.
    • Click "Create Key".
  3. Copy the "Key"
  4. On the osCommerce Payments Extension page and click on the GloBee plugin.
  5. Select the network, (Testnet or Livenet) and enter your "Payment API Key".
  6. Change the "Status" value to "Enabled" and save the plugin settings.