Integration Plugin for XCart

Integrate GloBee and XCart

In order to integrate GloBee with your XCart based e-commerce site, please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support.

Installing the plugin

  1. Download the latest plugin.
  2. Extract these files and copy them into your Xcart directory.
  3. Run modules/Globee/install.sql on your X-Cart database (use mysql -u [user] -p [xcartdb] < install.sql]

Connecting GloBee and XCart

  1. Log in to your X-Cart admin page and select "Settings" > "Payment Methods" > "Payment Gateways".
  2. Select GloBee add.
  3. Click the "Payment Methods" tab, check the box next to GloBee and click Apply Changes.
  4. In order to connect the plugin to GloBee, login to your GloBee merchant dashboard and create a new Legacy API Key.
  5. Return to your XCart admin page and select Configure
  6. Copy and paste the Legacy API Key into the required field to pair your accounts.